My Blog - Gotta Take Shots

My Blog - Gotta Take Shots

My Blog - Gotta Take Shots

Gotta Take Your Shots

Searching for a new job can be compared with playing basketball. Simply put, you can’t make the shots you don’t take. That means job hunting is a numbers game. The more positions you apply for the better chance you have of getting the job you really want. So, securing a great position is a job unto itself. You’ve got to put in the time even when you are discouraged about your current situation. Obviously, that is no easy task. Whether you are applying for positions on a specific company’s web site or on a nationwide job board like Indeed or LinkedIn what happens is the more you do the better the chance you have or getting a response, email, phone call or Zoom or in person meeting.

To save time create a cover letter that you can easily customize to where it is being directed to. The same goes for your resume. Adapt it to the receiver. The quantity of applications you can generate builds on itself. Send out say, five resumes and cover letters a day for each weekday. That’s 25 chances you make for a response. Twenty-five resumes a week is one hundred resumes a month. And yes, it might take that long or longer with that many inquiries. As you go along, you’ll teach yourself how to streamline the process. You will learn as you go. You will also discover potential employers you otherwise would not have considered. And here’s the very positive part – you will feel better! You will feel your productivity and be positive because you are driving the bus to your next career destination. Make job hunting and sending applications a full time job! Do that and it’ll be a temp job and the pathway to the job you want and deserve!

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